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Ron Rustark

Ron Rustark portrait

Ron Rustark
Operations Leader

Ron has worked at the Trainer Refinery for over 40 years. Since Monroe reopened the refinery, Ron has served as Unit Leader, Sr. Production Leader, and most recently as Operations Superintendent (Shift Performance). He became Operations Leader in July 2017.

Ron RustarkPrior to joining Monroe, Ron was the Operations Shift Superintendent at Phillips 66 Trainer Refinery. Some of his responsibilities in this role included managing the implementation of start up/shutdown execution plans, promoting safety, enforcing policy and procedures, and reporting to the Operations Manager. Before becoming the Superintendent, Ron was the Operations Day Frontline Supervisor for FCC and HF Alky Plants where he directed the day to day activities of operators.

Earlier in his career, Ron worked for BP Oil Company at the Trainer Refiner as a Northside Shift Supervisor, FCC/Alky Operations Field Supervisor, and Area 4 Refinery Operator.

Ron graduated from Calhoun Marine Engineering School with a Marine Engineer’s License. He served as a Third Engineering Officer in the United States Merchant Marines.

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